Published: Wed, January 31, 2018
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Pistons acquire Blake Griffin from Clippers

Pistons acquire Blake Griffin from Clippers

This past offseason, the 28-year-old forward signed a five-year, $173 million contract. According to ESPN sources, the protections on Detroit's 2018 first-round pick include spots 1-4 in 2018, 2019 and 2020, while being unprotected in 2021.

Detroit Pistons Center Andre Drummond guards L.A. Clippers Forward Blake Griffin during a game on October 28, 2017, at the Staples Center.

The Clippers' Brice Johnson and Willie Reed are also included in the deal.

The Clippers are in tank mode.

This comes as a surprise for Clippers fans, many of whom were certain that a DeAndre Jordan trade was far more likely. Did LA get in contact with Cleveland?

Wojnarowski reported the Clippers could also look to deal Jordan and Williams. Possibly. However, this would have been the best use of trading Griffin.

- Whether the Clippers can be a playoff team even after the trade.

There have been plenty of speculation lately about LeBron James becoming a free agent this coming summer.

The forward missed a significant amount of time in his rookie season due to an injury before playing in three games for the Clippers.

While some Clippers alumni, Matt Barnes in particular, have lashed out at head coach Doc Rivers, Griffin has taken the high road.

With a current record of 25-24, the Clippers have obviously made a decision to rebuild their entire team, but why wait until the off-season to get started? Having Love alone may be enough to entice future stars in free agency (such as LA's own Paul George).

The simulations after the trade don't show dramatic improvements for either team. The two couldn't play together.

Folks it is a VERY GOOD DAY for hoops-related drama. The club drafted Griffin first overall in 2009 as a major piece of the team's puzzle that subsequently helped elevate the franchise from perennial irrelevancy. If they can't, well, they are getting into Brooklyn Nets territory. "He's not committed. That's the narrative of how it goes, so I definitely know that firsthand".

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