Published: Thu, February 01, 2018
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BBC women denounce unequal pay as heat rises

BBC women denounce unequal pay as heat rises

It seems as if in taking a stand for equality, the presenters who have offered to take a pay cut have actually given the BBC a blank cheque to perpetuate the same tactics over and over.

The UK pubcaster has faced a barrage of criticism since publishing the salaries of its top-earning on-air talent last June, a move it had resisted and which revealed wide-ranging disparities between male and female talent.

Said Lord Hall: "Presenters are the link between our audiences and ourselves, and a lot of presenters and a lot of editors I know too, work their socks off, they work very, very hard indeed and we need to reflect that in pay".

But its plan to address a gender pay gap revealed previous year failed to satisfy many women employed by the BBC, who say they are paid less than men for the same work. The BBC has a special role representing Britain.

Media institutions such as the BBC are creating systems which routinely discriminate against women and expecting their own employees to volunteer for pay cuts to clean up their own mess.

When questioned by Newman if he believed that gender equality was a myth, Peterson said only if she meant "in terms of outcomes".

Few people have mentioned the obvious: these nice guys are essentially saving the BBC money, by cutting their own pay cheques; they have actually rewarded the BBC's inequality by saving it hundreds of thousands of pounds.

A review published on Tuesday said there was "no evidence of gender bias in pay decision-making" at the BBC.

There is frustration at senior levels of the that other organisations who are obliged to publish their own gender pay gap seem to be dragging their heels.

PwC has now recommended introducing a clear pay framework, narrower pay ranges, simpler contracts and allowances and improved transparency.

The BBC also planned to introduce a new framework to determine on-air staff pay, to mirror what had already been created for the rest of the BBC's staff, and allow everyone to see the pay range for nearly every job at the BBC.

Elsewhere, the Daily Telegraph reports that Government's former chief scientist has accused German car-makers of having "blood on their hands" after rigging diesel exhaust tests, while the Sun claims the "stretched" Royal Navy sent a "puny plastic boat" to intercept two Russian attack submarines. You don't bring rights down in order to achieve equality, you bring people up", she said, "In Canada, the law is: if there's discrimination, you bring the women's pay up.

The chair of the Commons select committee, Tory MP Damian Collins, released a statement suggesting the BBC had a "cultural problem" on its hands with regards to the way it pays women.

Women criticised the on-air review, saying it had been "focused on news and news-related areas, therefore excluding some high-earners".

Its China editor Carrie Gracie resigned from her role in protest at inequalities - she and the director-general Tony Hall will appear in front of MPs on the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee tomorrow.

The BBC will now consult staff and unions and seek feedback on PwC's proposals before developing a final set of proposals with legal experts.

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