Published: Thu, February 01, 2018

'The First Purge' Gets a Trump-Inspired Movie Poster

'The First Purge' Gets a Trump-Inspired Movie Poster

Universal has released the first poster for the fourth Purge film, and one look tells you everything you need to know.

It is truly going to be a year for the horrors with The Strangers announcing their second instalment for this coming year after a 10 year gap, yes 10 years. A new teaser trailer for The First Purge aired, blatantly invoking Trumpism in an ad structured like a right-wing political message before a surprise reveal at the end.

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The preview for the dystopian action horror prequel - hitting USA theaters on Independence Day (July 4) and United Kingdom theaters July 6 - was filled with patriotic, nationalist stock imagery as well as a red MAGA-style cap. The Purge will make our country great again.Or will it?

Director James DeMonaco is onboard the fourth The Purge time as writer-only and previously shared details with Vulture including it will have a 90 percent black cast described it as "the first experimental Purge".

The trailer, which could easily pass for a Trump campaign promo, begins with a narrator asking viewers what makes America great as images of smiling Americans and stills of children playing baseball appear.

The Purge series takes place in a near future in which America allows a 12-hour period in which all criminal acts, including homicide, are legal and framed as a patriotic act. The previous film, "The Purge: Election Year", which was released only six months before the 2016 election, also had a promotional poster that included the tagline, "Keep American Great". When the trial experiment in an isolated community spreads, the result is what would become an annual event to rid the nation of the weak and marginalized.

Other members of the film's ensemble includes How to Get Away with Murder's Luna Lauren Vélez, Training Day's Lex Scott Davis, and EastEnders' Joivan Wade.

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