Published: Sat, February 03, 2018
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Florida nurse's video rant on awful flu season goes viral

Florida nurse's video rant on awful flu season goes viral

Katherine Lockler posted her rant titled "After Work Thoughts" after finishing a 12-hour night shift, working in multiple emergency rooms across Northwest Florida.

Katherine Lockler, or Kat as she's known to her patients, is an energetic nurse and mother of four who found herself in her vehicle recording a Facebook video after a 12-hour night shift.

"There is a cesspool of funky flu at the ER right now", Lockler says in the video. "Please don't bring your healthy children - especially your newborn babies - into the emergency room". "My hands didn't because it's awesome to watch how many people come through the emergency room, sneeze in their hand and I watch".

In the seven-minute video, Lockler also provides her audience with some ideas of how you can treat yourself at home. She uses a sarcastic tone and animated facial expressions at times to get her point across.

"Watch this. I'm going to teach you a magic trick".

"There's a cesspool of funky flu at the ER right now", Lockler said.

"Let me show you again in slow motion!" she said, before doing it one more time.

At the end of her shift, she said there were around 30 patients, when she left, who will most likely wait hours before they are seen.

But Katherine insists she didn't mean to undermine anyone's intelligence, she just wanted people to understand how they can take the correct precautions to get themselves disinfected.

This year's flu season has proved to be particularly challenging across the U.S. As of January 26, there's been 37 pediatric deaths, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. So guess what? Five flu's came in, 15 flu's walk out.

"Some of them (were not) true emergencies", Lockler said in the video. But if someone comes "in who's bleeding to death, or they're not breathing, you're going to have to wait a little longer", she said, adding that hospital staff do an "eye ball assessment" and can tell that "you ain't dying now".

"It was a plea to protect you and others against this very bad flu", she explained to Inside Edition. With the video gaining 5.5 million views and 109,000 shares in just a few days, it seems people are loving her frank advice. Lockler said, before pretending to sneeze into her arm as a demonstration on how to limit the spreading of germs.

The nurse says some people didn't like her tone but she wouldn't do it any differently.

"I believe there's a smidgen of mockery in my voice in light of the fact that the guidelines were given such a large number of times and they were not gotten well", Lockler said. It may not have been her intention, but she is thrilled that her important message is getting out.

"Please thank an ER nurse - and every nurse and doctor [who] is taking care of sick people right now", Lockler added.

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