Published: Sun, February 04, 2018

Should Congress pass a bill to protect Robert Mueller?

Should Congress pass a bill to protect Robert Mueller?

The idea to potentially prosecute Mueller is said to be one arrow in the Trump team's quiver that could be used to discredit the investigation and its leadership, along with that of the FBI-without having to take official moves aimed directly at the investigation itself, according to the report.

'And Don McGahn, if the story is true in The New York Times, did the right thing, and good news is the president listened, ' Graham said.

With his dire warning, Graham may have been intending to send a message to Trump that there would be serious repercussions if Trump does dispatch the special counsel. And now it has become clear that Trump's own White House counsel rebelled at the President's rationale for his actions.

Experts who disagree believe that Mueller would likely need much more damning evidence to justify making an obstruction case - through either an indictment or an impeachment referral - against Trump.

"Fake news, folks. Fake news", Trump said when questioned about the revelation as he entered the World Economic Forum in Davos.

"I think the president would be best served by never discussing the investigation, ever, whether in tweets, except in private conversations with his attorney", Collins told CNN's State Of The Union program. The operative word in that sentence is "now".

Collins said Sunday that the president can't directly fire Mueller, but that authority rests exclusively with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller as special counsel in May.

Corallo was also deeply disturbed by what he viewed as a false statement dictated by president from Air Force One about his son's Trump Tower meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya and her associates, the source said.

'When [Mueller] found two Federal Bureau of Investigation agents had a bias against President Trump, he fired them, ' Graham pointed out.

Rosenstein told a Senate panel in June that he would not comply with an order from the White House to fire Mueller unless he believed the order "lawful and appropriate".

White House legislative affairs director Marc Short told Fox News he knows that Trump is "frustrated" by the investigation, that "millions of dollars have been spent with no evidence of collusion".

Still, Short said, "I know the president has been frustrated by this investigation".

"It may not be the conclusion that people want to reach, but sitting back and looking at it objectively, the fact that there was no firing means there was no obstruction", Frenkel said.

'We know that if he tried to, it would be the end of his presidency, ' Graham said.

Sessions, the target of the president's ire since he stepped aside last March from the Russian Federation investigation, would have been able to offer close-up insight into the president's thinking ahead of the termination. When McGahn resisted, Trump backed off and left Mueller in place.

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