Published: Mon, February 05, 2018

Celebrity Big Brother final broadcast with '10 minute delay' following break-ins

Celebrity Big Brother final broadcast with '10 minute delay' following break-ins

When asked why he won, he said: "It's incredible to think the public have chosen me, I guess it's validation that it's OK to be different".

"I mean, when I consider that I'm a pensioner and a defender of the unborn and traditional marriage and the Roman Catholic Church, all of which are unfashionable views, and that I am the scourge of political correctness and general snowflakery and emotional incontinence, I think it's surprising that I'm still here".

The star of RuPaul's Drag Race, whose real name is Shane Jenek, said it was "slightly ironic" to win the show in the "year of the woman".

Over the course of the show, she's broken down complex ideas about gender fluidity into simple, accessible conversations, and engaged Widdecombe in particular - who's been quite vocally opposed to LGBTIQ+ rights in her time - in patient, constructive dialogue that audiences could learn a lot from.

Courtney is no stranger to being an outspoken advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and issues affecting them; as she often does on her YouTube Channel and on her MTV clips.

Widdecombe said she was "thoroughly bemused" to come second on the show.

For this reason, she's looked on disapprovingly and rolled her eyes as Courtney Act dressed in her drag.

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"It was an endorsement of free speech, whether people agreed with me or not". "I don't want to say there's manipulation going on, but there's manipulation going on".

"We certainly do need more people talking about it in a more level-headed, kind, and compassionate way".

Host Emma Willis then asked Courtney about her role in educating both fellow housemates and viewers about gender and sexuality. He's just so comfortable about everyone and everything, just knowing who he is.

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