Published: Mon, February 05, 2018

Portman is again with Time's Up rap on SNL

Portman is again with Time's Up rap on SNL

On last night's episode of 'SNL, ' Portman rapped for a second time with explicit lyrics that make the previous rap sound like a singing Hallmark card.

In the sketch, she rapped about "smoking weed" at Harvard and her love for "drink, fight and f*** all night". Seeing as Portman could totally pass as Brown's big sister and also nails that look of intense concentration while moving stuff with her mind, this was a flawless choice. "Say something fucking nice about Jar Jar Binks."Watch 'Natalie's 2nd Rap", including another cameo from Samberg, above".

They went on to criticize her jokes and then turned to "field correspondent" Leslie Jones.

What do you folks think?

Portman headlined a couple of other sketches as well: one about a Star Trek-esque inter-species romance that hits a road bump, and a take on the odd powers and awkward adolescent crushes in Netflix's Stranger Things.

When the interviewer told her that the recent Star Wars movies were "much better" than the ones she was in, she appeared in full Queen Amidala makeup. The rap is self-aware enough to even call out the fact it's essentially the same joke with updated references, but also shows Portman still has it in her to spit fire.

Actor and comedian Andy Samberg also made his return as Portman's back-up singer, randomly dressed as a viking.

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