Published: Mon, February 05, 2018

Sheila E: Timberlake won't use Prince hologram at Super Bowl

Sheila E: Timberlake won't use Prince hologram at Super Bowl

"She's been on the big stage for a lot of years, certainly even more than me, so I know she'll do great and good luck, Pink".

When she performed her new dance single "Us", released on Friday, she said worked on the song a year ago - around the time she started dating the former New York Yankee player.

Early rumors said Jackson might join Timberlake on stage Sunday night, but she was quick to dismiss the talk. She thanked her fans for their support and added that she is looking forward to "seeing you all very soon".

It was rumoured that Timberlake could collaborate with Janet Jackson to recreate his first Super Bowl show back in 2004. This sent Twitter into a tizzy as fans tweeted that it was disrespectful and tacky for him to bring out a Prince hologram.

As rumors circulated that Timberlake - who is an avid Prince fan - would be performing alongside a reflective hologram of the "Purple Rain" singer, members of Prince's inner circle expressed their criticism over the reported move, including his longtime collaborator, Sheila E. She has since posted on Twitter to reveal that she spoke with Timberlake and there will be no hologram. "Prince told me don't ever let anyone do a hologram of me".

Justin Timberlake is back at the Super Bowl, 14 years after he and Janet Jackson's "Nipplegate" performance set off a wave of criticism. She said she intends to power through perform despite her sickness.

If you remember, during the duos joint performance of "Rock Your Body" Timberlake was supposed to pull off a piece of Janet's top.

"Without giving too much away, we're doing a few things with this halftime show that they've never quite done before", he told reporters.

Thursday's press conference came one day after Timberlake's 36th birthday, so the media made a decision to serenade him with a rendition of "Happy Birthday" that might go down as the worst "Happy Birthday" performance of all-time.

M.I.A.'s responded to the claim and described the National Football League as bullies looking to "make an example" of her for "daring to challenge the National Football League".

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