Published: Wed, February 07, 2018
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Amazon is removing lock screen ads from Prime Exclusive phones

Amazon is removing lock screen ads from Prime Exclusive phones

The retailer states that the change is meant to make the user experience better, by letting owners use the increasingly more prevalent fingerprint readers and unlocking features that bypass the lock screen.

Amazon's Prime Exclusive Phone line-up has always been one to consider while simultaneously wanting to throw-up. All Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones will continue to be unlocked and available at prices slightly lower than those without the Amazon experience inside.

Amazon Prime Exclusive phones are spotlighted smartphones with drastically reduced prices, with lock screen ads as the tradeoff. An update will be available through the Android device's settings and/or in notifications starting this week with the removal of lockscreen offers and ads. Amazon says it's making this change so consumers can take advantage of advanced features like facial recognition and fingerprint sensors. For those devices already out in the world, updates will start rolling out next week that remove the ads.

There are now some solid smartphone options available on the Prime Exclusive Phones site, and these prices will change tomorrow.

When Amazon announced in 2016 it would spotlight an exclusive list of discounted unlocked smartphones for sale to Prime members, it was pretty exciting. Pre-installed inside a Prime Exclusive Phone is Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Photos, and the Amazon Widget. "Customers who now use a Prime Exclusive Phone will receive a free update starting this week with this change, which will remove the lockscreen offers and ads". The company also touts the ability to personalize your screen as a motivating factor, although many would have argued that has been important from the outset. That can be removed, and you can hide the Amazon apps if you don't use them.

Today, the Prime Exclusive Phone program gets even better.

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