Published: Thu, February 08, 2018
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More Russian athletes appeal Pyeongchang ban to CAS

More Russian athletes appeal Pyeongchang ban to CAS

In December 2017, the International Olympic Committee barred Russian athletes from competing in the 2018 Olympics over allegations of state-sponsored doping by Russia in Sochi.

Due to the suspension of the Russian Olympic Committee, Russian athletes will compete at the Games under the Olympic flag as Olympic athletes from Russia.

"Our basic stance is to respect the IOC's decision. and to do so, in particular, for IOC-run events", he said.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) also overturned doping bans on the athletes imposed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) following an investigation into alleged systematic doping at the Sochi Games, which Russian Federation hosted four years ago.

'The information about the decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sport proves that energetic work to stand up for our rights in court and elsewhere - it is justified, it can be effective and it should continue, Peskov added.

"In addition, the Panel agreed that the decision of the CAS had not lifted the suspicion of doping or given the Panel sufficient confidence to recommend to the OAR IG that those 13 athletes could be considered as clean", the statement says.

Medvedev said the "purpose of this decision is very far away from sports", aimed to cause "political harm" to Russian Federation.

The World Anti-Doping Agency's athlete committee on Tuesday expressed its "profound disappointment and dismay" that 28 Russian athletes last week had doping bans from the 2014 Olympics overturned at CAS. But 169 Russians who have passed strict anti-doping protocols will compete under a neutral flag as Olympic Athletes from Russia.

This includes a mention in the Duchess List of athletes drawn-up by ex-Moscow Laboratory chief Grigory Rodchenkov, to supposedly highlight those involved on the doping programme.

"It is outrageous that there is no concrete reason which explains my exclusion from the Olympics, and furthermore people now view me as an athlete who used doping", Ahn wrote in an open letter to IOC President Thomas Bach last month.

The Russian doping scandal first emerged from the McLaren Report, an independent report by Canadian lawyer Richard McLaren that identified more than 1,000 Russian competitors who had befitted from a state-sponsored cover-up of athletes who were using performance enhancing drugs.

"We are in trouble now", said Pound, referring to the IOC.

"I'm sorry, but that is not an appropriate response by the IOC to a flagrant attack on the Olympic Games and on clean athletes by Russian Federation", he said.

Russian officials and athletes have said they're also planning more legal action.

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