Published: Thu, February 08, 2018

Obama 'wants to know everything' in Clinton email case — Federal Bureau of Investigation texts

Obama 'wants to know everything' in Clinton email case — Federal Bureau of Investigation texts

The text, which was sent from Page to Strzok, discussed preparing talking points for former FBI Director James Comey, who was going to give them to Obama.

The interim report highlights a text between top Federal Bureau of Investigation officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, whose messages have been scrutinized by Republican lawmakers.

"Disappointing, but look at the district map". "I know", Page responded. The officials described him as "so good" before Congress and a "brilliant public speaker".

Strzok and Page, who were involved in an extramarital affair, exchanged thousands of texts during the presidential campaign, transition and first months of the Trump presidency. They worked briefly on Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into the Trump campaign's contacts with Russian Federation, but were taken off the case a year ago, in what was seen as an effort by Mueller to avoid the appearance of bias.

"In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation".

Both Trump, via Twitter, and the White House seized on those texts, saying they showed bias against Trump by the agents. Brian Kilmeade said the messages raise questions about what Obama knew about the Clinton investigation.

Texts between Strzok and Page. Page, who'd also been detailed to that team, left that assignment before the messages were discovered.

This is intriguing because Republicans have been wanting to know what President Obama was doing the entire time the Clinton email investigation was being conducted, as well as the opening of the counter-intelligence investigation into the Trump campaign, particularly, the FISA court warrant approved to monitor adviser Carter Page.

Senate investigators told Fox News this text raises questions about Obama's personal involvement in the Clinton email investigation.

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz is nearing the conclusion of the investigation, which includes scrutiny of the actions of senior officials, such as former FBI Director James Comey and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Took a little bit. Texts from Strzok are labeled "OUTBOX", while texts from Page are labeled "INBOX". "Sending team up tomorrow to review. this will never end".

Yet just five months earlier, then-President Obama stated adamantly that he would not be participating in the Clinton investigation, because it would violate his supposed impartiality.

Fox News reported that a text from Page on September 2, 2016, said: "potus [Obama] wants to know everything we're doing". The two officials watched with admiration, and though Strzok lamented that he was a "control freak" and that some answers were imprecise, they also texted their gushing praise of his performance - even his joke that he had to use the bathroom for the last half-hour. Strzok Later, after Clinton conceded the election to Trump, Page wrote: "Omg, I am so depressed".

"Everyone did", Page replied.

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