Published: Thu, February 08, 2018

Spice Girls set to 'Spice Up Your Life' with reunion tour

Spice Girls set to 'Spice Up Your Life' with reunion tour

But don't say you'll be there too soon: A source tells Us Weekly that this tour may not officially happen - but, as previously reported, the group does have something in the works.

Rumors swirled about the popular '90s British pop group after all five bandmates met up at Halliwell's house last week alongside their original manager Simon Fuller.

We've heard rumours of a reunion tour before, but no-one could convince Posh Spice - now a multi-million-dollar fashion label founder whose name you may know - to get on board. And then we all sat around Geri's table and we got takeaway in, got sushi and some salads and drank tea and a little bit of prosecco, ' Emma Bunton revealed a day later on her radio show. "Lovely seeing the girls #girlpower is alive and well", Halliwell wrote in the photo below. Along with a bunch of teaser Instagrams, they released a statement afterwards confirming they were exploring "new opportunities" together again.

"We have enjoyed a wonderful afternoon catching-up and reminiscing about the unbelievable times we have spent together", the statement read.

Well ya can't blame them when it's the first time all five of them have been in a room together since they performed at the closing ceremony on the 2012 London Olympics - that's A LOT of gossip to catch up on!

Unfortunately, the group won't be recording any new music for this tour though.

Well shut the bloody front door - apparently, everyone's favourites the Spice Girls are planning a reunion tour. Mel said, keeping positive that her job is secure.

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