Published: Fri, February 09, 2018

George W. Bush says Russian Federation meddled in 2016 United States presidential poll

George W. Bush says Russian Federation meddled in 2016 United States presidential poll

The former 43rd President of the USA added that there was "clear evidence" about "Russians meddling" in the 2016 US presidential election which incumbent Republican President Donald Trump won against Democrat opponent Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Bush said it wasn't clear if Russia's "meddling" directly affected the election, though he said it was clear they tried.

Bush also took a swipe at Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he referred to as "zero sum", and said he "has a chip on his shoulder".

"The reason he does is because of the demise of the Soviet Union troubles him", Bush said, according to the AP.

Putin "is pushing, constantly pushing, probing weaknesses", the former president said.

At the Abu Dhabi summit, Bush said Putin's actions are motivated by his desire to regain "Soviet hegemony", The Associated Press reported. "That's why North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is very important", Bush added.

The White House didn't immediately respond to Bush's statements.

The U.S. intelligence community confirmed that Russian Federation interfered in the election, though it's up for debate whether the meddling helped Trump win the election. Last October, he delivered a speech addressing nationalism and Russian aggression, countering points presented by Trump though never addressing the current president by name. "They've got to get it fixed".

"There are people willing to do jobs Americans won't do".

"But there are people, who want to put food on the tables of their families and are willing to do that". "We ought to say thank you and welcome them". "We've got to enforce our borders and we've got to enforce our laws", he said cautiously.

Bush in 2008 became the first sitting U.S. president to visit the United Arab Emirates. He agreed in a settlement with the SEC to a lifetime ban from the securities industry and paid a $200 million fine. Forbes magazine estimates Mr.

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