Published: Fri, February 09, 2018

Salma Hayek felt ashamed

Salma Hayek felt ashamed

Oprah Winfrey recently chatted with Salma Hayek as part of her Super Soul Sunday Conversation special, when she revealed that her Wrinkle in Time co-star, Reese Witherspoon, was also greatly affected by the Weinstein scandal when it first broke last October.

Hayek struggled with Weinstein's vicious threats and manipulation throughout the making of her film, which Weinstein attempted to wrestle away from her as a direct result of her refusals.

"[The New York Times] contacted me to be a part of the first story and already by this contact, there was all this turmoil and I started crying when they asked and I ended up not doing it", the Mexican actress recalled, as reported by BuzzFeed. "I felt ashamed that I was a coward".

"I was on set with Reese Witherspoon, who has since spoken out. and some other actresses, who haven't spoken out, so I won't say who they were, and this was like two days after the Harvey scandal had broken in The New York Times", Winfrey said.

When initially approached to write the essay by the publication, Hayek explained that she refused. "I thought of the shame".

"When it came out, I was ashamed that I didn't speak up and then when so many women came out, it was a unusual sensation", Salma added. "We are told, 'You have to be the Virgin Mary, but you have to do what I say when I say, OK?" "I've had multiple experiences of harassment and sexual assault and I don't speak about them very often".

Oprah speak onstage during Oprahs Super Soul Conversations at The Apollo Theater on Feb. 7 2018 in New York
Kevin Mazur Getty Images Salma Hayek and Oprah speak onstage during"Oprah's Super Soul Conversations at The Apollo Theater on Feb. 7 2018 in New York

"You have to keep your principles". I was a thing: Not a nobody, but a body'.

Hayek concluded her in-depth conversation with Winfrey by declaring that the Time's Up movement "is not going to be a moment". "I thought, 'There's no point for me to talk because it happens to everyone".

The full statement from a spokesperson for Weinstein stated: 'As in most collaborative projects, there was creative friction on "Frida", and in this case, it served to drive the project to perfection.

"Mr. Weinstein regards Salma Hayek as a first-class actress and cast her in several of his movies, among them "Once Upon a Time in Mexico, ' 'Dogma, ' and 'Studio 54, '" the statement continued".

To quote Quincy Jones, Harvey Weinstein is a jive motherfucker. (It should be pointed out that Weinstein took advantage of her sense of powerlessness by repeatedly telling her that she was a "nobody", which is its own kind of devastating abuse.) But her story is certainly brutal, nonetheless. Mr. Weinstein has great respect for her as an actress and a producer and thinks there are many more "Frida's" for her to produce in the future and that she doesn't need anyone to help her - She's terrific by herself'.

During an interview with Oprah Winfrey on Wednesday as part of the former host's Super Soul Conversation Live Event, Hayek spoke out about the experience.

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