Published: Sat, February 10, 2018
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Boston Herald Reporter Pranked Into Running Fake Story About Tom Brady

Boston Herald Reporter Pranked Into Running Fake Story About Tom Brady

Borges' column has been suspended pending further review.

The Boston Herald suspended the column of writer Ron Borges after he wrote a story based on bogus intel from a prankster, who had said Tom Brady was planning to make trouble with the Patriots if he didn't get a raise this offseason.

The Boston Herald has apologized for posting an "erroneous report" about Tom Brady's contract status with the New England Patriots.

The only problem? It wasn't Don Yee, it was "Nick in Boston", a WEEI caller.

Even though Borges has yet to comment, we do have a statement from Nick in Boston, who went on the show this morning to explain this catfishing. The next morning, it was revealed that the "source" for Borges' story was a WEEI listener who contacted Borges and pretended to be Brady's agent, Don Yee. Well, it's all amusing but here's the funnier part: He tried to call me three times and I just didn't answer.

In March 2007, Borges was suspended by The Boston Globe after plagiarizing parts of a column. But then I was just like, whatever, screw it, I'll just call him and he's gonna know it's not Don Yee.

Pranks like this happen to reporters, but sticking to journalistic principles, especially on a big story like this, would have prevented something like this from running.

Ron Borges' column on Tom Brady threatening a holdout specifically referred to "sources", plural.

The Twitter account claims the perpetrator of the hoax is "Nick from Boston".

It escalated, though, yesterday, after the imposter sent a text in the wake of the Jimmy Garoppolo contract news, that Borges went for hook, line, and sinker.

The Herald later pulled the story off their website.

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