Published: Sat, February 10, 2018

California Lawmaker, Outspoken Leader Of #MeToo Movement, Accused Of Sexual Harassment

California Lawmaker, Outspoken Leader Of #MeToo Movement, Accused Of Sexual Harassment

A female California lawmaker who has been at the forefront of the #MeToo movement is being accused by multiple men of lewd groping, one of which acts is the object of an official probe by the state legislature.

He said she cornered him alone after the annual Assembly softball game in Sacramento as he attempted to clean up the dugout. She was clearly inebriated, slurring her words, swaying. "But the culture was very different back then", she told Politico. Calderon said they must take every allgation seriously and felt he had an obligation to report it.

"Her hand was there and it slipped down to my butt and she tried to squeeze", Fierro added.

Time magazine even featured her in its the "Silence Breakers" issue at the end of 2017.

Garcia, 40, is chair of the California Legislative Women's Caucus, which has been vocal in pushing for lawmakers facing accusations to take a leave of absence while investigations are completed.

Here's a hint: If you're going to help lead a movement against sexual harassment, don't sexually harass anyone.

When it happened, there was no #MeToo movement or a whistleblower legislation to protect legislative staffers.

Ms Garcia claims "zero recollection of engaging in inappropriate behavior".

The staffer, Daniel Fierro, worked for Assemblyman Ian Calderon at the time.

Fierro said he made a decision to tell Calderon about the incident because of Garcia's outspokenness in the #MeToo movement, which references the social media campaign used by millions to tell personal experiences with sexual harassment. Lerna Shirinian, Calderon's communications director, said Fierro told her about the incident right after it happened.

Male staffer accuses California assemblywoman of misconduct

"I trust that while the investigation proceeds, Assemblymember Garcia will respond appropriately and in a way that fortifies the Legislature's effort to create a new climate", Rendon said in a statement.

Now, she's been accused of harassment.

A California state assemblywoman who rose to national prominence as a campaigner against sexual assault is now herself accused of misconduct. Bocanegra eventually did, along with Assemblyman Matt Dababneh, D-Encino, who faced allegations of sexual misconduct. Sen. Tony Mendoza is on suspension during an investigation into allegations of inappropriate behavior. All three denied wrongdoing.

Fierro did not report the incident at the time.

A Sacramento lobbyist also claimed she made a pass at him: "She came back and was whispering real close and I could smell the booze and see she was pretty far gone", the man told Politico.

"We are concerned about these reports and they need to be investigated thoroughly, without delay". Complaints against Raul Bocangera and Matt Dababneh, two Democratic lawmakers who resigned past year, went public when women shared the accusations against them.

Another staffer who asked for anonymity said he remembered the incident and Garcia's drunkenness. And while I do not know about the payback situation firsthand, the allegations against him are so preposterous as sexual harassment, as a 20-year Human Resource Director, I may have had a hard time taking those seriously.

"The details of these claims have never been brought to my attention until today", her statement to Politico said.

Reade contrasted the non-response by sexual assault support and social justice clubs to Garcia, to the uproar caused by a 2014 invite by Scripps College to conservative commentator George Will, whose speech was cancelled due to student outrage over his column advocating for due process in campus sexual assault allegations.

"I just hope there is a broader discussion about what's appropriate and what's safe in the workplace". "The substance of what Cristina has said on these issues is absolutely legitimate".

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