Published: Sat, February 10, 2018
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Florida boy gets stuck inside claw machine

Florida boy gets stuck inside claw machine

A Florida boy stuck inside an arcade machine claw game at a restaurant was rescued Wednesday evening after climbed inside trying to get a toy.

A trapped child was lucky that two off-duty firefighters were on hand to rescue him from the clutches of a claw machine.

After the quick rescue, Mason got to finish his meal and was even able to leave the restaurant with four plushies in tow - not a bad haul, but we wouldn't advise anyone to follow his example. The special burger, priced at $3,000 (£2,150), features a diamond engagement ring lodged in the top of the bun.

All this little boy wanted was a stuffed toy - but his quest for a cuddly friend saw him trapped inside a claw machine.

Getting caught in these toy claw machines is far more common than you might imagine.

And emergency services says yes, the boy did get his stuffed animal.

"Gratefully he was never in any pain as one of our own lieutenants happened to be there enjoying some downtime and evaluated the circumstance", the post read.

Titusville Fire Department Battalion Chief Greg Sutton told Florida Today the boy crawled up through the machine's small door where the prize normally drops.

Previous year a three-year-old got stuck in a toy machine in Sydney's west, at a Rouse Hill business in April.

Mason reportedly went right back to eating dinner with his family - and we hope that he was at least able to keep a stuffed toy after his ordeal!

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