Published: Sat, February 10, 2018
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LG V30s with 256GB said to debut at MWC 2018

LG V30s with 256GB said to debut at MWC 2018

The V30s will look similar to the standard V30 that debuted previous year, but it'll offer a significant new feature called LG Lens. In fact, this will be the same amount as the LG V30 Signature Edition, a limited edition phone released in Korea that cost nearly $2000 dollars. And regarding AI, the handset will reportedly ship with "LG Lens".

The LG V30s is said to look the same as the original V30. However, the LG V30s will have an internal storage space of 256GB, but the other hardware specifications would remain the same. With that kind of price, it seems as though LG is trying put the V30s in the same range as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Apple's iPhone X.

LG Lens is described as LG's version of Google Lens and Samsung Bixby Vision.

Another thing that LG Lens will be capable of is language translation.

Update (Jan 31): LG has now confirmed that the company is indeed planning to launch an upgraded version of the V30 at the Mobile World Congress. Yes, the new LG V30s smartphone would be an expensive one which you might have been waiting for.

Apart from this, the company may introduce the new LG Lens on the device. LG Lens can also translate text, claims today's report, as well as use augmented reality to help give you directions and give you location info. Apparently, LG Lens will allow users to search and shop just by taking a photo of a product with the V30s camera.

If the V30S debuts at MWC 2018, it'll be vying for attention alongside the Samsung Galaxy S9, but it could struggle against that phone if it launches for the rumored $918. (LG V30+ Alpha). The phone will include enhanced artificial intelligence features, similar to what other smartphone makers like Huawei are doing with their phones.

This isn't the first that we're hearing of LG's AI-injected phone, as rumors have been bubbling up in the past few weeks as we build to MWC 2018. We would get to hear some more official information regarding this phone in the coming days.

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