Published: Sat, February 10, 2018

US Congress ends brief govt shutdown

US Congress ends brief govt shutdown

The House easily passed the spending bill after 5:30 in the morning, and President Trump signed it into law.

The House narrowly passed the budget measure 240-186 early this morning after it was approved by the Senate about two hours after a shutdown took effect.

The shutdown, which started at midnight, was the second this year under the Republican-controlled Congress and Trump, who played little role in attempts by party leaders earlier this week to head it off and end months of fiscal squabbling.

The Senate vote was delayed until past midnight by Kentucky Republican Rand Paul - who spoke passionately for hours on the Senate floor Thursday evening as he tried to force a vote on an amendment that would effectively undermine the budget deal. Find us on Facebook too!

"Do I want to shut down government? No". He has that right. "I was elected to combat Obama era deficits".

The federal Office of Personnel Management said government operations would "vary by agency" and employees should "refer to their home agency for guidance on reporting for duty".

The Kentucky Republicans objection was to the large increase in spending - almost $300 billion over the current limits over two years - that came in the deal and its impact on the national debt. They oppose it on concerns over immigration and deficits, respectively.

The deal also spends more on other administration priorities, including infrastructure and the opioid drug epidemic.

It also raises the country's debt ceiling that prevents a first-ever default by the federal government.

"I think we will get this done". Rand Paul, refused to allow a speedy vote.

"Part of it depends on the Democrats".

The bill, announced Wednesday, represented a rare bipartisan achievement. We are going to deliver our share of support.

"'I talked to him this afternoon", he said. Many Republicans said they were not eager to increase spending and put the debt limit on ice, while Democrats threatened to withhold support without a promise from Speaker Paul D. Ryan that the House will have an open floor debate on an immigration measure.

#BREAKING: Bill to reopen federal government now heading to the house.

"This package can not have my support", she said. "Many of our priorities are in the bill". Whether the demand will get enough votes or not is a different question altogether as the urgent need for the United States government is to manage to avoid another shutdown. Then, the president still has to sign any bill. The uncertainty was keeping the capital on edge.

It includes spending for both domestic programmes and funding for the military that President Donald Trump has sought. "The budget does move us towards a path of restoring fiscal responsibility". Paul was protesting the return of trillion-dollar deficits on the watch of Republicans controlling Washington.

The bill also included a one-time emergency influx of about $90 billion to help with ongoing recovery efforts for the hurricanes and wildfires that have hit the recent months.

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