Published: Sun, February 11, 2018
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Switzerland sets new Olympic curling record

Switzerland sets new Olympic curling record

The win, coupled with a 7-2 Canada win earlier Saturday over Switzerland, has Lawes and Morris alone in first place with a 5-1 round-robin record heading into the final round-robin draw on Sunday.

"For both of us that's our dominant arm in sweeping", Matt Hamilton said, "so it kind of loosens up the muscles and rotator cuff and everything in there".

Broom stacking is something they did back in the day.

"A 10- or 15-minute bus ride turning into an hour".

Then on Friday, they started looking like a true gold medal contender.

Team USA appeared to be in good shape with a 3-1 advantage after three ends.

"Whenever we'd get people out on the ice to try it, they'd always say 'That was fun. They're trying to get it so precise but at the same time it's complicated and sometimes you get errors like this".

Rios laughed when asked if he was aware he and his teammate had set a record for first ideal curling score at the games. I think he was really connecting with the ice. The brother and sister team started to go viral after one user on Twitter pointed out Hamilton's resemblance to Mario from the "Super Mario" video game. Their 9-4 loss to Switzerland on Friday came as a result of the Swiss posting the equivalent of a ideal game in baseball.

"It was a really awesome atmosphere", said Morris. We're building some good momentum. "Unfortunately, we came out on the wrong end of the stick there", Becca Hamilton said to reporters following the game.

Curling, according to Wikipedia, is "a sport in which players slide stones on a sheet of ice towards a target area which is segmented into four concentric circles".

The Hamilton siblings, also known as #HamFam, got revenge on the Russians by winning the first match, 9-3, in seven ends.

The U.S. conceded one point in the sixth end but put the game away in the seventh. The Finns had seen enough at that point.

Cotter will be coaching the Korean entry of Jang Hye-ji/Lee Ki-jeong in the Olympic mixed doubles competition - a new Olympic sport - which begins Thurdsday.

"It helps them for sure that they've been there, done that", Stoughton said.

"We're just being patient".

"We weren't in a great position", said Morris.

"It was actually pretty amusing", Morris said. "It's a lot of action, more rocks in play so it's fun to watch". So maybe I try out for that USA team.

South Korea, the obvious fan favourites in Gangnueng are still in the mix at 2-2, while the United States and China are 1-3 and Finland is 0-4 and pretty much out of it. "I was making jokes about it during the last end, but just our focus was to score a deuce - that's it".

John Morris, who won an individual gold medal at the 2010 Olympics, was particularly adept at keeping Switzerland off the board with six takeouts. They then promptly knocked the Americans' lone rock out of the house.

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