Published: Mon, February 12, 2018
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Romero hammers Rockhold in Perth

Romero hammers Rockhold in Perth

Romero used a wicked overhand left to the temple followed by a big left uppercut to the jaw to finish Rockhold at 1:28 of the third round of their UFC 221 main event in Perth, Australia, on Saturday night (Sunday afternoon locally).

Romero would've become the interim middleweight champion if he made weight for the fight, but UFC executive David Shaw says weight issues won't affect a potential future title shot against Robert Whittaker.

During weigh-ins on Friday, Yoel Romero was unable to make weight for the bout, making the middleweight title picture even more ridiculous. After throwing two right jabs that didn't touch Rockhold, Romero landed a vicious left hook that floored his backpedaling opponent. But he didn't win a belt for his efforts.

If Romero and Whittaker do indeed fight again, it'll be a rematch of their 2017 bout at UFC 213.

Rockhold showed great offensive striking and pivoted away from Romero's hooks masterfully in Round 1. The former middleweight champion crumpled to the canvas where he froze and Romero pounced to deliver one more sickening shot before the fight was called off by referee Marc Goddard.

Some fans are saying Romero should be punished for missing weight - more or less ignoring the fact he already was.

Weight, not cardio ended up preventing Romero from leaving the octagon with a belt around his waist. He connected with a double jab and then fired an overhand left that dropped Rockhold onto the seat of his trousers near the cage.

Obviously, this isn't a good look and it's even worse when there are questionable scorecards and especially awful when those scorecards land in favor of an Australian or New Zealand-based fighter, as they did in the opening bout of the evening. Nevertheless, sensing that the fight could be stopped at any time by the ringside medical team in lieu of the leg injury, Romero moved forward with reckless intent in Round 2.

It was a big night for the Australian stars on the main card in Perth, with all three home fighters picking up impressive victories. "With the takedowns and everything else it's really hard to stop them getting it to the ground, but striking wise we're pound for pound with the best fighters in the world".

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