Published: Mon, February 12, 2018

Trump Asks For Due Process As Staffers Resign Amid Abuse Allegations

Trump Asks For Due Process As Staffers Resign Amid Abuse Allegations

Kellyanne Conway was interviewed on several Sunday morning talk shows today, where she lent support to the alleged victims of domestic abuse committed by former White House top aide, Rob Porter. Kelly told reporters on Friday that he was informed in November that Porter had allegations against him that were delaying his security clearance, but that he did not know the full extent until this week, MSNBC said.

Like Corbett, Porter's former wives also said they had told the Federal Bureau of Investigation about being abused - in their cases, more than a year ago.

"As you probably know, he says he's innocent, and I think you have to remember that".

"And then they write books that are fairly recently released, and they say wonderful things about him".

In a statement, Raj Shah, the deputy White House press secretary, confirmed Sorensen's departure. He may not have read underlying reports by the FBI, which investigated Porter's security clearance, or contemporaneous police reports, she said.

According to the New York Times, President Donald Trump shot down recent reports that he has grown increasingly exasperated with his communications director over her handling of the White House's response to domestic abuse allegations against former aide Rob Porter.

"Before we were contacted by the media, we learned last night that there were allegations", Shah said.

He only stepped down from his post Wednesday after the accusations became public.

Indeed, a third White House chief of staff in just over a year, along with the quick turnover of other officials, would only fuel perceptions of mismanagement by the Trump Administration. A ME newspaper, the Portland Press Herald, noted in a May 2017 article on Sorensen's decision to join the Trump administration that the Republican had "a reputation as an aggressive and sometimes combative political operative".

David Sorensen, a speech writer who worked under senior policy adviser Stephen Miller, abruptly resigned and left his job Friday, according to The Washington Post. Sorensen resigned Friday over allegations he had been violently and emotionally abusive to his ex-wife during their marriage. She said that on separate occasions her former husband ran a vehicle over her foot, threw her against a wall and extinguished a cigarette on her hand.

Trump himself has had to deny accusations from more than a dozen women that he has sexually abused them or behaved inappropriately. A photo of his first wife with a black eye that she said she recieved when Porter punched her during an argument, surfaced this week. Corbett told The Post that she described his behavior to the FBI last fall as the bureau was conducting a background check of Sorensen.

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