Published: Wed, February 14, 2018

Friendship Missionary Baptist plans Ash Wednesday service

Friendship Missionary Baptist plans Ash Wednesday service

But church leaders around the country said no such exception would be forthcoming when Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day overlap for the first time since 1945. These used to be on campus, but are now at Saint David's Catholic Church after the 10 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. masses where there is also free food and donuts.

The journey of Lent can be hard - a time of repentance, of giving up things that tie us to this world and looking instead to the life and teachings of Jesus.

On Ash Wednesday and on Good Friday, which falls on March 30 this year, Catholics between the ages of 18 and 59, except those who are ill, are permitted to consume only one full meal, which may be supplemented by two smaller meals, which together, should not exceed the full meal.

Some see Wednesday's rare double-dose of holidays as a golden opportunity to see what kind of people we really are. "[By wearing ashes] you are acknowledging that you have not done things the way you wanted and want to live more for God".

"A wooden cross is wrapped with purple cloth, symbolizing the season of Lent and Easter".

The Bible has numerous examples of this type of practice, such as Job, who said, "I$3 repent in dust and ashes" (Job 42:6).

Watson said all prayer requests made will be prayed for throughout Lent.

Goal of Valentine's Day isn't having lobster and fried food but spend some quality time with your loved ones. "If service was provided on campus, it would be a lot easier [to attend service] versus having to go to a mass".

He's already started thinking about what he'll say during Easter service. "During lunch, you're free and actually have time". Activities such as pancake races are also held as well.

"Tomorrow's definitely business as usual", said Neuens. Chaffee said. "Volunteering at a soup kitchen, random acts of kindness, visiting someone in jail - the thought now is not so much giving something up, but doing something more". One launches a 40-day journey toward Easter which encourages fasting and abstinence.

"Nothing against the idea of a day dedicated to amorous love ... but it is kind of secondary", Case said.

"This year, our congregation (Emmanuel Reformed) has thought about trying some things we haven't done before, drawing on what Christians have done for 2,000 years", Hedden said.

St. Luke " s will offer "Ashes to go" Wednesday morning in two areas.

This is the flyer for the Ash Wednesday service.

The ashes have deep spiritual meaning.

Graphic by Elena Maldonado.

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