Published: Wed, February 14, 2018
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Google to bring Allo's Smart Reply feature to third party apps

Google to bring Allo's Smart Reply feature to third party apps

The new software is being developed by Area 120 and its goal is to bring Google's Smart Reply feature to a bunch of popular third-party messaging apps. Area 120, an experimental program inside Google, developed the new Reply project for this exact goal.

The key feature of Reply is that it aims to bring smart replies to the next level. You know those boxes that pop up when you are composing a reply to a message and make suggestions what to say? "Alert messages" feature in which if your phone is silent and you have a prior meeting or work, your phone will give you update on that event. Smart replies can be shown directly in the message's notification for an instant response.

Google has confirmed the existence of Area 120's Reply app but told TechCrunch it was a very early experiment. The new app also includes other automated features such as a Do Not Disturb mode, and a Vacation Responder.

Google is working on an app that will allow user to reply to a message for any app directly from the notification panel with just a single tap on it. Google calls the app Reply and it will predict answers to provide three smart answers to a message. Currently, you will find Google's Smart Replies in apps like Gmail, Allo, and Android Messages on Project Fi.

When you get an urgent message like 'We're waiting for you!', Reply can make sure to get your attention even when your phone is silent. Smart reply offers automated replies, and like any AI-powered feature, it can be correct at times, or off the mark at various instances.

The project, like all Area 120 projects, is unrelated to any broader developments at Google - in this case, that means it's not directly tied to Google's messaging efforts. If you're interested in applying to be in on the trial you'll also have to supply a reason why you want to give it a go. There's also an automated Vacation Responder that is able to check the user's calendar and tell people that the user is now not at work.

Google's Area 120, a workshop for experimental products under development at the Mountain View firm, is now testing the new system.

The project is still in very early stages of development, and not much is known about it, other than the fact that it exists.

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