Published: Wed, February 14, 2018

Princess Mary of Denmark's Father-In-Law Prince Henrik Has Died

Princess Mary of Denmark's Father-In-Law Prince Henrik Has Died

Prince Henrik, husband of the queen, died on Tuesday night at Fredensborg Castle, the Royal House said.

His flamboyant style was both loved and criticised by Danes.

Disappointed that his royal title of prince was never changed to the king when his wife became queen in 1972, Henrik spoke out often in the media about his frustration, which did little to endear him to his subjects. His family was left anxious when he publicly said he no longer wanted to be buried alongside his wife, Queen Margrethe.

The controversy took on a new dimension last August when the prince declared that he would not be buried at Roskilde Cathedral, the resting place of Danish monarchs and their spouses for the past 459 years, because of his long-standing grievance.

Born in France in 1934, Prince Henrik married Queen Margrethe in 1967 and they have two sons, the Crown Prince and Prince Joachim.

The queen later said that she "then became aware how madly I loved him", noting that she appreciated his good looks and that he took her seriously.

But over the years, he made no secret about his unhappiness at being denied the title of king.

But it also marked a turning point, as Danes saw a more vulnerable side of Henrik and slowly started to warm to him.

Prince Henrik of Denmark has died, just months after he was diagnosed with dementia.

Saying he had to "reflect on life", he dramatically fled to his chateau in southern France, where he would stay for three weeks.

He said he felt "pushed aside, degraded and humiliated", and "disappointed all the time and walked over in such a way that my self-respect is destroyed".

"For many years I have been Denmark's number two", he said then.

With a jovial face framed by understated glasses, the prince was a bon vivant who enjoyed cooking, poetry and wine.

Prince Henrik lived a very colourful life, known for speaking his mind and never quite got over his title remaining prince instead of being changed to king.

On Friday the palace said Prince Frederik, a member of the International Olympic Committee, had left the Winter Olympics in South Korea to be with his father after his condition grew more serious.

The royal couple set up home in Denmark, where "Henri" became Henrik.

Following his wish, he will be cremated, with half his ashes spread over Danish seas and the other half buried in the royal private garden at the Fredensborg Castle.

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