Published: Wed, February 14, 2018
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THQ Nordic acquires Saints Row, Metro, and Dead Island distributor Koch Media

THQ Nordic acquires Saints Row, Metro, and Dead Island distributor Koch Media

THQ went bankrupt, its properties were sold off and the legacy of that company was buried.

THQ Nordic - publisher of de Blob, which is getting a Switch remaster later this year - has bought Koch Media, which owns the Saints Row, Metro, and Dead Island franchises, in a €121 million deal.

In a press release, THQ Nordic explained that it has no plans now to restructure Deep Silver, which likely means that various studio jobs are safe. In addition, Deep Silver will be responsible for publishing the upcoming Shenmue III for both PS4 and PC.

In the THQ Nordic press release on the acquisition, it is stated that while Deep Silver has had some less successful game releases, it has still maintained a long history of profitability.

That means the Darksiders publisher now owns all of Deep Silver's studios and licenses, which includes Saints Row developer Volition, Galaxy on Fire creator Fishlabs Entertainment, and Homefront developer Dambuster. That name doesn't mean a lot to the gaming public, but the name Deep Silver should.

THQ Nordic is now expecting to see net sales and profits rise from key titles such as Metro, Dead Island and at least two additional yet-to-be announced AAA titles. However, THQ Nordic's management will be involved, to help ensure the Koch Media's products reach their full potential in the future.

THQ Nordic has stated that although it won't be interfering with any of the in-development projects that are now slated, it will be closely monitoring and delegating resources to Koch's game division. Nordic Games meanwhile purchased the rights to games like Red Faction and Darksides, and rebranded to THQ Nordic.

THQ Nordic's acquisition of Koch Media and Deep Silver brings the number of total employees at the new company to more than 1,600 across a combined 36 internal and external studios.

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