Published: Thu, February 15, 2018

38-Year-Old Teacher Dies After Deciding to Forego Expensive Flu Medication

38-Year-Old Teacher Dies After Deciding to Forego Expensive Flu Medication

"It just sounded like her throat was scratchy" at first, her husband Frank Holland, told the Wall Street Journal, before her symptoms worsened throughout the week. Over the next days, she made seemingly inconsequential decisions, including skipping a medicine because of the cost. They have a 10-year-old daughter and a 7-year-old son together.

On Friday, Dr Dan Jernigan, director of the CDC's Influenza Division, said that this is an unusual pattern for the flu as health officials expected activity to have already reached its peak at this time - but it continues to get worse.

On Friday, Holland ended up in intensive care and she went on dialysis early Saturday, the Democrat said. Heather Holland passed away on February 4 at the age of 38.

"I have to be strong for the kids but it's still surreal", Frank Holland told the Democrat. He went to the pharmacy Thursday morning and got it filled himself.

"She had been a member of the Ikard family since 2014 and touched the lives of many students, parents, and staff members". She was schoolteacher as well as mother and her insurance only made a small dent the cost of antiviral, so she chose to try to go without the potentially life-saving drug.

Holland taught second grade at Ikard Elementary School in Weatherford, Texas. "I don't think she thought she was that sick".

"She saw I was kind of a shy, scared kid..." "Frank sent me a text saying 'Man, she's gone.' I couldn't believe it". "It happened so quick", Bosher said. She was "that" kind of teacher.

'It hasn't set in with them yet either, ' Holland said of his youngsters. "I am really enjoying my kiddos".

"Our campus custodians have been deep cleaning our schools since December and the campus where the teacher worked underwent another deep cleaning on Friday, Feb. 2", LaGrone said in a statement. There were 40,414 deaths in the US during the third week of 2018, and 4,064 were from pneumonia or influenza, CDC data shows. "However, those who obviously are very sick or at high risk of developing serious flu complications should be treated as soon as possible with antiviral drugs".

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