Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
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DORN: Snapchat makes using the app hard, annoying

DORN: Snapchat makes using the app hard, annoying

The image messaging and multimedia mobile app, Snapchat, has been appreciable with some of the most interesting and intriguing features implemented by developers all this while through updates, but only until the last update, that took the Snapchat world by storm, disappointingly, however. How bad is it? If users force shut the app and re-open Snapchat, they will get the newly redesigned version again. And yet it may be all for naught.

One of the key steps involves switching off automatic updates for the app. Go to Snapchat's page on the Play Store, tap the menu button, and disable Auto-update for Snapchat. However, there is this news that this turnaround is temporary which means once you forcefully leave the app and then reopen it you would be getting the updated redesigned version. This was the window where people could tap on their friends' names in order to send a direct snap, type out a message, start a video call, record an audio message, or check to see if that particular friend had recently updated their story. While, this new update is the major redesign from Snapchat since the app launched in 2011, but people are becoming furious due to the drastic changes done by the company. Swiping right brings up the Discover tab, where you can view content from publishers. The promoted stories weren't always part of the Snapchat equation, but despite being added many months ago, these stories from outlets like Cosmopolitan or Vice were easily ignored and didn't really detract from the stories experience.

An eMarketer survey released Monday showed Facebook is losing younger users at a pace faster than anticipated, with many switching to applications like Snapchat or the Facebook-owned Instagram. In this particular instance, the idea is for users to stay on the old version of Snapchat, before it was redesigned. Snapchat now has 187 million daily active users.

The update includes a reformatted layout that can be confusing for some users to access the features they use on a daily basis.

Log-in and you are back with the old version but not for a long time.

Many people are trading tips online to revert back to a previous version of Snapchat, but the company warned against doing so. Now you have to download a File Explorer app on your Android device to locate the Snapchat APK in the Download folder.

I have not talked to anyone who has enjoyed this new update, and while I'm waiting to get adjusted to it, I continue to dislike it each and everyday.

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