Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
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San Jose-bound airplane evacuated at SoCal airport with smoke showing

San Jose-bound airplane evacuated at SoCal airport with smoke showing

- A Southwest Airlines flight was evacuated on Monday evening soon after pushing back from a gate at John Wayne Airport because of smoke in the aircraft, believed to have come from an auxiliary power unit, officials said.

All 220 flights were canceled as crews continue to clean up from a heavy snowfall in the area. Via Twitter response, the airline revealed that it had run low on de-icing fluid and was waiting for replenishment. Southwest said the cancellations were due to a shortage of airplane de-icing fluid.

Three days after Christmas, almost 90 Southwest flights were canceled at Midway Airport because of delays caused by the de-icing of planes, according to a statement from the airline. Travelers flying out of Midway should confirm flight status with their airlines. Some stranded passengers were forced to sleep on the floor of Midway Airport.

However, as baggage for each passenger has to now be transferred onto other planes, Southwest has no exact time frame for when people would be ensured a replacement flight, she said.

A fire on a Southwest Airlines plane forced passengers to evacuate before takeoff at a Southern California airport.

Apparently, Southwest received a delivery of the deicing fluid Monday morning and reported that things were expected to get back to normal.

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