Published: Thu, February 15, 2018
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Sea of Thieves Releases PC Specs

Sea of Thieves Releases PC Specs

In additional Sea of Thieves news, this comes on the heels of an announcement that Rare does not plan to ever include loot boxes in their games.

Just to give you an idea, Rare talked about the ability to purchase pets such as parrots, cats, monkeys and the likes. Similar to the beta though, the ship only lasts as long as your gameplay session. If you don't like the look of any of the pirates, a press of RB generates a new set of eight pirates for your consideration.

One thing that is interesting about this game is the fact that it can run on just about anything. Lead designer Mike Chapman tells IGN that the game takes place prior to the Golden Age of Piracy in a mysterious location called the Sea of Thieves.

When we recently accepted a Rare invitation to play Sea of Thieves at the studio's United Kingdom office, we had the chance to talk to executive producer Joe Neate about the implementation of microtransactions in the game.

Massively-multiplayer online (MMO) games are becoming increasingly popular on home consoles following the rise of Battle Royale-style titles such as Player Unknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite.

"The game is perfectly playable at 540p", explained Timmins, which means that PCs with Intel Integrated GPUs (Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200 or Intel Iris 540) and 4G of RAM should have a pretty good experience. One of the first updates will introduce microtransactions. You will always know what you're buying if you decide to spend real money in Sea of Thieves. And so at that point we're still going to have the majority of the team working on this game and a lot of people adding content.

According to both publication sites, Rare does not want to split the "playerbase" and will supposedly offer most Sea of Thieves updates for free.

"Our main post launch goal is giving captain options for pirate legends".

Pre-orders are open now on Amazon, with the base game costing £42 for the Xbox One, and £54 for PC.

Sea of Thieves will also be the first of many Microsoft exclusives to be available through Game Pass at launch, meaning members of the service can pick it up for a significantly lower price.

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