Published: Thu, February 15, 2018

The robotic dog that can open doors

The robotic dog that can open doors

Engineering and robotics design firm Boston Dynamics has once again released new footage of one of their robots performing an ordinary but surprisingly unnerving everyday task - in this case, opening a door. As the title of the video (below) aptly suggests, this arm can be used to lend a hand to its armless friend by opening doors for it. In the 45-second clip, the robot manages to approach a door, grab the handle, and successfully turn it. It even kindly holds the door open so its "buddy" can walk through. But I can't imagine much good coming from one that can open the front door with a clever manipulation of its gripping arm and legs.

Boston Dynamics' robot dog can now open doors. Boston Dynamics has been able to capture more human movement for its robots.

Boston Dynamics, best known for Atlas, its 5 foot 9 humanoid robot, has revealed a new "lightweight" version of its robot Spot Mini.

Boston Dynamics is reportedly developing some of these robots for the USA military.

This robot demonstrates the capabilities of robots as they continue to advance in AI and programming.

The SpotMini has no neck but an array of sensors placed where its shoulders would be. In June 2017, Alphabet sold Boston Dynamics to SoftBank. "There's some timeframe that we need to be generating an amount of revenue that covers expenses and [that] needs to be a few years", Rubin's replacement, Jonathan Rosenberg, had said. We could see them being used as packing machines in warehouses, or as security bots created to prowl around and discourage people from getting into areas they shouldn't be in.

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