Published: Sat, February 17, 2018
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Ex-Teacher Christian Toro, Brother Tyler Allegedly Had Students Help Make Bombs

Ex-Teacher Christian Toro, Brother Tyler Allegedly Had Students Help Make Bombs

A former teacher and his twin brother were arrested and charged in NY with possessing explosives following a bomb threat made against a Manhattan school, officials said.

Christian Toro, a former teacher in The Bronx, is charged with his brother Tyler Toro with explosives-related charges.

"We have no indication that there's a continued threat posed by these individuals", Bill Sweeney Jr., assistant director of the New York FBI office, said at a news conference. He left the job shortly after a student was arrested for calling in a bomb threat to the school on December 4, 2017.

On Feb. 8, the F.B.I. and police officers interviewed the Toro brothers in their apartment, and Christian Toro told agents that he had come across the explosives book while doing research about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and had not meant to download it onto his computer, according to the complaint.

Christian was previously arrested Jan. 31 on a third-degree rape charge after he was accused of allegedly having a series of sexual encounters with a 15-year-old girl at his residence between September 2017 and January 2018, according to law enforcement sources.

The FBI confronted Christian regarding the book February 8, however he then said he "had been researching the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings" and "had never built a bomb and had only looked at the Explosives Books table of contents", court papers alleged.

The FBI spoke with several students at the school on Wednesday (Thursday NZT) and discovered that Toro had paid at least two of them US$50 (NZ$37) an hour to dismantle fireworks and retain the gunpowder, the complaint states.

Authorities found bomb-making materials, including metal spheres and chemicals to make the explosive material thermite, after executing a search warrant on the Toros' apartment. Court papers allege that when his brother, Tyler Toro, returned Christian's school-issued laptop, the school found he had searched about bomb making.

Law enforcement agents found a backpack with an index card reading, "Under the full moon the small ones will know terror", the complaint said. Investigators uncovered the plots after speaking with students at the school.

If stupidity was a federal crime, Christian Toro would be a death-penalty case.

Authorities interviewed Christian Toro at his Bronx apartment earlier this month. If all this is true, the only thing Toro didn't do is to install a large sign on his apartment building that said "TORO TWINS TERROR, INC". But I am here 100% living, buying weapons. "They were college educated, they held the door for you whenever they saw you". Court records said the brothers were paying minors to strip fireworks of their gunpowder so they could build a bomb.

"This is a moment to remind all New Yorkers, to remind everyone, that the idea that if you see something, you say something is more pertinent than ever", de Blasio said.

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