Published: Sun, February 18, 2018

Iran will adhere to nuclear deal till last breath: Rouhani

Iran will adhere to nuclear deal till last breath: Rouhani

India and Iran on Saturday signed nine pacts, the most consequential of which will allow India to lease part of the strategic Chabahar port, near the mouth of the Gulf of Oman.

The comments were made in a meeting between Iranian President Rouhani and Prime Minister Modi in the Indian capital on Saturday.

The Iranian chief executive, who started a three-day visit of India at Modi's invitation with an initial stop in the southern city of Hyderabad on Thursday, arrived in New Delhi on Friday. At a news conference with Rouhani, the prime minister added that the Iranian president's visit would strengthen the nations' historical and friendly ties.

In a repetition of the May 2016 statement, both sides urged an "immediate end to all support and sanctuaries enjoyed by terrorist groups and individuals and were of the view that States that aid, abet and directly or indirectly support terrorism should be condemned".

Iran has offered to raise the freight discount on oil sales to India in return for New Delhi agreeing to boost imports, as the OPEC member is keen to eat into the market share of other producers including top rivals Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The agreement aims to eliminate the worry of double taxation between India and Iran and thereby, encourage investments and services.

The Prime Minister said the two countries wanted to see Afghanistan safe and prosper.

Modi called Chabahar a "golden gateway" to Afghanistan and promised to help in construction of infrastructure that will make it possible to send goods from the port onto Afghanistan, and Central Asian countries.

India committed up to $500 million for the development of Chabahar.

He also said Tehran would welcome a more active presence of Indian companies in Iran.

The duo's wide-ranging talks pertained to boost cooperation in areas of defence and security, trade and investment, and energy.

He thanked Iran for helping develop Chabahar port, which opens the transit route for India to Afghanistan and Central Asia bypassing Pakistan.

Modi welcomed Rouhani at the Hyderabad House here ahead of delegation-level talks between the two sides. According to New Delhi, Iran has shifted the goalposts several times since the start of negotiations on the deal in 2007.

The Iranian leader also stated, "Iran is a country which is rich in oil, gas, and energy. All military centres were in total control of the US", Rouhani said.

The Iranian leader also said that regional conflicts must be resolved through diplomacy and political initiatives.

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