Published: Sun, March 04, 2018
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Secret Service says man shoots himself outside the White House

Secret Service says man shoots himself outside the White House

Law enforcement authorities said a man shot and killed himself near the White House's north fence Saturday.

'No other reported injuries related to the incident, ' it tweeted.

The Secret Service says a man shot himself outside the White House.

Donald Trump isn't now in Washington, but in Florida at his Mar-A-Lago resort with First Lady Melania Trump.

Medical personnel has responded to the male victim, the Secret Service tweeted.

The man was in a large crowd when he fired the gun, the Washington Post reports, citing witnesses. The security team has further briefed the President about the incident.

The Secret Service did not fire any shots, the sources said. She updated followers on her status, claiming press was being held in the briefing room while the Secret Service investigated the situation.

Police have roped off the area near the White House, and Pennsylvania Avenue has been shut down to pedestrians.

WTOP reported that White House staff were instructed to shelter in place Saturday after the shooting. Witnesses were escorted off site by the Secret Service, while onlookers were kept at a distance.

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