Published: Mon, March 05, 2018
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Drunken man takes $1600 Uber from West Virginia to New Jersey

Drunken man takes $1600 Uber from West Virginia to New Jersey

Everyone on the road is at risk when people who have had too much to drink get behind the wheel and drive. The Uber driver, meanwhile, did what he thought he was supposed to.

It turns out drunk texting isn't the only reason our friends need to take our phone away on a night out. "So coming back with this story just proved their point all the more right". The trip set him back $1,600. After calling it a night, he made a decision to Uber home. But now he has another trip to make.

According to our sister station CBS Philadelphia, Bachman - who is a native of Gloucester County, New Jersey - was out with some of his buddies near the West Virginia University campus on Friday night when he chose to call it a night.

The cost of the ride: $1,635.93.

Kenneth Bachman was partying with friends near West Virginia University last Friday when he drunkenly ordered an Uber to get home. The ride would have cost $819.14 under normal pricing.

"Afterwards I had it fully sink in", he said. Rather than get out of the vehicle or turn around, he just went with it. He also claims the driver took his phone and used it.

Uber confirmed the ride occurred, the report states, and the driver took Bachman to the destination he requested.

We're not sure how many Uber drivers would be game for a London to Newcastle run at 3am, but some of the ones we've spoken to in the past have told us about some pretty lengthy trips. The driver was fined at every toll.

"I woke up at 3 a.m. and probably got home at like 9:30 a.m", Bachman told the Charlotte Observer.

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