Published: Tue, March 06, 2018

Egypt's Presidency: Sisi to Receive Saudi Crown Prince on Sunday

Egypt's Presidency: Sisi to Receive Saudi Crown Prince on Sunday

During Saudi King Salman bin Abdel-Aziz's 2016 visit to Egypt, several political and economic agreements were signed, the most important of which is the maritime border accord that recognized the Saudi sovereignty over the strategic islands.

On Tuesday, a large Saudi delegation arrived in Cairo to prepare for bin Salman's visit, according to an Egyptian security source who spoke anonymously due to restrictions on speaking to media.

Hariri had posted a selfie on Friday on his Twitter page with the Crown Prince and the Saudi Ambassador to the US Khaled bin Salman.

The visit is an opportunity to discuss trade exchange between the two countries, he said, adding that Saudi Arabia tops the list of Arab investments in Egypt with a total investment of $27 billion in 2,900 projects in the production and services sectors.

Egypt supports it in a war against Iran-backed Houthi militants in Yemen and joined a trade and diplomatic boycott of Gulf state Qatar past year.

Saudi Arabia and Egypt are also part of a bloc of nations that has boycotted Qatar since June over alleged ties to Islamic extremists and Iran.

The Crown Prince's visit to the United States in late March could include multiple cities.

Bin Salman's visit comes weeks ahead of Egypt's presidential election, with Sisi expected to easily win a second term in office as all real challengers have been detained, prosecuted, or intimidated out of the race.

In the United States, the Saudi Crown Prince will also visit other cities, including New York, Boston, San Francisco and Seattle, to discuss economic cooperation, investments and Vision 2030.

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