Published: Tue, March 06, 2018

GUN CONTROL: Trump wants 'to have it both ways', Democratic senator says

GUN CONTROL: Trump wants 'to have it both ways', Democratic senator says

Democrats say voters are energized by Republican resistance to banning military-style weapons and high-capacity gun magazines. Our side insists that people are the problem, not guns, and to make good on that we need to come to the table with ideas on how to keep weapons out of the hands of unsafe individuals who have no business holding them.

Floridians this fall will choose a new governor, as term-limited Republican Rick Scott is expected to turn to the U.S. Senate and challenge Democrat Bill Nelson for his seat.

And the continued inaction of congressional leaders and the measure enacted by the Georgia legislature are solid examples of the obstacles such reforms continue to face. Kristof says, "Our laws have often focused more on weapons themselves (such as the assault weapons ban) rather than on access".

Ben Amis lives in Rome and volunteers as a local Democratic activist. When organizer Jax West, 46, of Lisle, Illinois, heard the AR-15 raffle and sales were canceled, she said she was "really appreciative" of the gesture but wanted to show up anyway to "keep them honest".

Organizers halted an advertised raffle that would have awarded an AR-15 to the victor, and vendors were told they would not be allowed to sell the weapon at the monthly show.

Polls last week by Quinnipiac University and another by Florida Atlantic University show Democrats could be strengthened by their stand, with more than 60 percent of Floridians supporting a ban on assault weapons.

Still, his ideas stated last week represent a substantial number of Americans, whose sensibilities have been heightened by the courageous response by the surviving Parkland students and families. The progression, he said, coincided with the Republican Party's own shift to the right.

"The president has the potential to move mountains here", he said.

In the past, mass killings generally led to an uptick in sales as people anxious about the government restricting access.

It is the largest shareholder in two of the biggest U.S. gun manufacturers. Trump's initial response this time was in line with that flawed logic. "FedEx opposes assault rifles being in the hands of civilians". It isn't the first time, not even in this paper, and I doubt it will be the last. Hamilton Place mall was evacuated after a man brandished a gun and Dalton High School was put on lockdown when a teacher known to struggle with mental health issues fired a gun out of a classroom window.

But after hearing what the head of the National Rifle Association, Wayne LaPierre, had to say, it's clear that the NRA has no wish to even consider a thoughtful assessment of the best way to allow some guns and yet assure the safety of the citizens.

He added, "I think this is being used by all sides".

The media-hating message from the NRA resonated with some supporters in Loudoun. Countless protests were staged throughout the country for LGBTQ rights, including the 1993 March on Washington for LGBT Equal Rights and Liberation.

Unlike NRA-backed legislation that is passed mostly in red states, these measures are being passed in both blue and red states, said Allison Anderman, the managing attorney at the Giffords center.

Florida's gun laws draw an "F" rating from at least one major gun-control group.

Rather than address our broken mental health system, our inability to provide proper school security, or numerous failings by law enforcement and others to identify a clearly unsafe individual, all solutions that NRA supports, their solution is simple: blame the NRA, its members, and America's 120 million law-abiding gun owners.

The NRA also courts primary opponents to run against Republicans who cross it. There's no limit on this type of campaign spending and it includes money for television and online advertising, mailers and other forms of communication created to support or oppose a particular candidate.

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