Published: Tue, March 06, 2018
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Nintendo Switch Play Time Data Will Be Restored in Future Update

Nintendo Switch Play Time Data Will Be Restored in Future Update

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 may be headed to Nintendo Switch.

"Yep. can confirm my Zelda playtime just went from 515 hours to 'First played 0 days ago.' It must be Nintendo's Switch anniversary present!" said Redditor corporalcadet. This is one award in a stack of many that Nintendo has won in the previous year because of the Switch.

That's a hefty price to pay, but after playing the game for hundreds of hours in the previous year, and listening to the "Sound Selections" soundtrack, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least somewhat tempted. And last but not least, at the end of the video, the player leaves the game and heads back to their Nintendo Switch home screen.

Update: In a statement to Polygon, Nintendo of America said that play data is now "displaying incorrectly" for some users. "We are aware of the issue and we expect to have more information to share in the near future". Therefore, once these one-year-old games hit the 376-day mark, they should revert to showing the number of hours the game has been played - at least, in theory.

Are you anxious you've lost your activity log?

June 2017 - To kick off the summer, Nintendo released ARMS, a unique fighting game starring an eclectic roster of characters overflowing with personality. Usually companies tend to upgrade the hardware on their consoles on their new consoles, but it looks like Nintendo will be putting their focus into other aspects of the Switch for this year instead. That info came in the form of the newest tweet confirming that correct times would return in the future, though when that update will be released remains to be announced. If you care about preserving a record of your play times, now would be a good opportunity to take screenshots of your user profile before they are reset on the console.

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