Published: Tue, March 06, 2018
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VAR technology to be used at Russia World Cup after lawmakers' vote

VAR technology to be used at Russia World Cup after lawmakers' vote

For Infantino, who will be on hand Saturday for the IFAB announcement, worldwide football can not allow anyone with a smart-phone having access to better information than a World Cup referee.

The IFAB, football's lawmakers, formally endorsed the use of VAR in the professional game during its Annual General Meeting at FIFA's headquarters in Zurich.

VAR has had a hard start in English football, with a trial in the FA Cup leading to long delays while decisions are made, with supporters confused about what is happening.

It is worth bearing in mind that for all the criticism of the VAR system the referee is the man ultimately responsible for the final decisions, and Tierney did not cover himself in glory on this occasion.

"Our decision to vote in favour of VAR was not taken lightly, but after lengthy research we are confident it is a move that is in the best interests of the game".

According to the IFAB's guidelines, VAR will be implemented only for disputed goals, penalties, direct red cards and cases of mistaken identity.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino, who chaired the meeting, confirmed that a final decision on if the VAR will be used in Russian Federation will come at a meeting of the FIFA Council in Bogota on 16 March.

Hawk-Eye, the provider of VAR pictures, apologised after a "squiggly line" image was shown by broadcasters in Manchester United's FA Cup fifth-round win at Huddersfield. I believe that VAR at the World Cup will certainly help us to have a fairer competition.

The change was unanimously approved in a meeting in Zurich even though only six of eight votes were needed.

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin said it will not be implemented in next season's Champions League amidst the ongoing confusion.

Today in Zürich, The IFAB approved the use of Video Assistant Referees for use in global football competitions, after a series of trials.

It's a different type of incident and use to the previous three games discussed, but despite VAR being in place the correct decision was still not reached.

"VAR is good for football, is good for refereeing, it brings more fairness in the game and, for these reasons, we have made a decision to approve VAR".

At the 2014 World Cup, FIFA deployed goal-line technology. Would you like to see it used for every game?

There is a referee in the booth with access to a video monitor in constant communication with the official on the pitch.

For Infantino, the overriding objective was to ensure that referees are able to make the right calls, especially in an era when many fans have access to a full range of replays on their smartphones.

The IFAB also sanctioned the use of an extra substitute during extra time of cup ties, an initiative that had also been rolled out on a trial basis over the last two years.

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