Published: Wed, March 07, 2018
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Apple could release new high-end headphones this year

Apple could release new high-end headphones this year

The upcoming noise-canceling headphones will reportedly launch as early as the end of this year but could be facing development problems that would force it back into 2019. The company has apparently struggled to finalize the device's specification, with "multiple redesigns" created and then scrapped over the past 12 months. The report has claimed that work on this new range of headphones has been on and off throughout the year and Apple is likely to redesign the models again before its official launch.

An Apple spokesman declined to comment.

When Apple launched AirPods, no one thought that it will turn out to be a big hit. That is not too surprising, given that Apple puts so much focus on the look and feel of products. The iPod and the iTunes Store revolutionized how music was consumed - as digital downloads rather than physical CDs. The high-end Apple-branded wireless headphones may not directly compete with that brand since Beats still offers more affordable options.

Bloomberg confirmed the news and added that the over-the-ear headphones will bring noise-cancellation and wireless connectivity features.

Evan Niu, CFA owns shares of Apple.

So far, the AirPods have been a key driver of newfound success for Apple's Other Products segment. The report also notes that Apple may look to a different supplier for the headphones and will not go with Inventec Corp. that manufactures the HomePod.

Meanwhile, Apple is also speculated to introduce upgraded AirPods this year. The headphones are said to rival the likes of Bose and Beats by Dre which is odd, seeing as Apple owns the latter brand. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman says that Apple's headphones will look to offer better sound quality than what Beats products provide. Athlete-oriented wireless Beats earphones still seem to be selling well despite the popularity of AirPods.

The headphone market is growing rapidly around the world, and is expected to be worth $20 billion in annual sales by 2023, according to Research and Markets.

As per the report, the rumored headphones will have noise-canceling capabilities and will sit in the high-end price segment. Those headphones already take advantage of Apple's W1 chip.

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