Published: Wed, March 07, 2018

Gary Oldman takes the Oscar for his performance as Winston Churchill

Gary Oldman takes the Oscar for his performance as Winston Churchill

The question "Will more voices join the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements on live TV?" is arguably more important to the next day's headlines than "What will win best picture this year?" or even "Will the announcement be unthinkably botched as it was last year?" The former Harry Potter star was nominated for his role in Darkest Hour as Winston Churchill. This will also be his third nomination.

The highlight had to be his shout out to his 91-year-old mother. Now it's time to catch up with all those newly-minted Oscar-winning films you never got around to seeing in the theater.

Oldman underwent hours of makeup to become Churchill for "Darkest Hour", which focuses on a pivotal time when the prime minister rallied his country to fight Nazi Germany. Before the release of the film, it was announced that this would be his final film and performance.

Day-Lewis is a three-time Oscar victor for "My Left Foot", "There Will Be Blood" and "Lincoln", while Washington is a nine-time nominee and two-time victor, for his lead role in "Training Day" and supporting work in "Glory". Take a deep breath, have a seat, prepare to have your mind possibly blown but possibly not, depending on whether or not you were already aware that Gary Oldman used to be married to Lesley Manville (a short time before his marriage to Uma Thurman) and they have a son. Oliver is the first true love of Elio's life. Elio and Oliver's chemistry at the beginning is dynamic but not amicable, however, at the end it takes a lovely turn.

They replaced Casey Affleck, last year's Best Actor victor, who withdrew as a presenter from this year's ceremony following two sexual assault lawsuits, which he settled out of court.

Plummer was a late addition to the film, replacing Kevin Spacey, who was removed from the movie following allegations of sexual misconduct. And while the British actor's performance was raved about by critics, one person is speaking out against The Academy's decision.

It will be really interesting to see who wins the actor in a leading role statuette this year.

James Franco, who won the Golden Globe award for best actor in a comedy before facing mounting accusations of sexual misconduct, did not receive an Oscars nod, suggesting the backlash reached a critical mass among Oscars voters.

The best director race only allows five contenders, while the best picture nominees may be as many as 10 (there are 9 this year), according to screwy Academy rules. Backstage, he reacted to his win, telling ET, "My first time here and my first one".

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