Published: Wed, March 07, 2018

Jennifer Garner's Response to Her Viral Oscar Moment Meme

Jennifer Garner's Response to Her Viral Oscar Moment Meme

The former "Alias" star, 45, had a moment during the 2018 Oscars where she was clapping and looked to stop in mid-celebration when she possibly realized something or was struck by something onstage.

Garner chose to get in on the action, too recording some voice-overs to go along with the video that she shared on her Instagram Stories. The first: "Congrats to Shape of Water".

"Wait did I sign a nudity waiver?" she ended that final post.

Ha! Fishes don't sleep with the nanny...

A second time, the starlet said: "Hey Jimmy Kimmel, what's in your wallet? Wait, where is my wallet?"

The world was eager to know what made the Hollywood actress' face so somber during Monday's broadcast of the 90th Academy Awards in Los Angeles. Phew... nvm, they found it! On March 5, Garner put forth three of those theories on her Instagram stories. Watch it again (below)! The star was captured on camera looking suddenly alarmed while clapping along with the audience during the show.

Footage showed the 45-year-old mother of two casually applauding before being seized by some unforeseen concern, furrowing her eyebrows and opening her mouth into an extremely anxious look and abruptly halting her clapping. Garner said in one video.

Then she added, according to People: "Can't wait to work with Lena Dunham!". In the buzzed about moment, Garner was featured on the ABC telecast applauding - alongside her seat mate, The Mindy Project's Chris Messina - when her hands abruptly stopped and her facial expression went blank and she appeared to be overcome with panic and emotion.

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