Published: Wed, March 07, 2018
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Long-time National Football League referee Ed Hochuli is retiring

Long-time National Football League referee Ed Hochuli is retiring

He worked two Super Bowls, including Super Bowl XXXII when the Broncos beat the Green Bay Packers, 31-24, for their first championship.

The Blast spoke with Ed Hochuli after it was announced he would be retiring from the NFL.

Triplette will walk away one of the more infamous referees in the league.

Outside of the NFL, Hochuli has been a trial attorney for over 30 years.

Hochuli was as close to a fan favorite as a ref can be, known as much for calling a clean game as his bulging biceps.

Hochuli gained a cult following thanks to his penchant for physical fitness and sculpted physique. While some officials did their jobs quietly and attempted to stay out of the spotlight, Hochuli seemed to bask in it. And if you've seen enough Jeff Triplette-called games over the years, you know that's about the nicest thing you can say about his refereeing capabilities.

Hochuli's son Shawn has been named as one of the new National Football League referees to take the open spot.

The league announced on Tuesday that both Hochuli and Triplette are retiring. So it will be good to get some new blood who can hopefully be a more reliable referee for many years to come.

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