Published: Wed, March 07, 2018

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry Resigns In Wake Of Extramarital Affair Revelation, Investigation

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry Resigns In Wake Of Extramarital Affair Revelation, Investigation

Barry, who admitted she had an expensive affair with her head of security detail using taxpayer dollars, was reportedly in possession of nude photos of a woman taken on the phone of former Metro Police Sgt. Rob Forrest, with whom she had an affair.

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry, the now-former mayor of Nashville, pleaded guilty in Davidson County court on Tuesday, March 6, to felony theft charges. He called Barry "a friend" and said he hoped she would be able to move past "a frightful moment" in her life. Forrest and Barry went on 10 city-funded trips with no other staff from the mayor's office present, according to The Tennessean. However, since her affair was announced in January, investigations into Barry and Forrest's relationship were launched by several entities, including the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Nashville Metro Council.

Barry agreed to reimburse the city $10,000 and serve three years probation, according to local media reports.

She said nothing illegal happened and no policies were violated. He maintained that role from the time Barry entered office in September 2015 until his retirement, which took effect the same day Barry acknowledged the affair.

Barry had remained adamant that she will not resign from her position as mayor.

February 4: Mayor Megan Barry wants to earn Nashville's forgiveness. Nine of the trips were attended only by Barry and Forrest.

The mayor's willingness to talk about her only son's fatal drug overdose last summer engendered sympathy from residents. Barry said the affair began in spring 2016, an affidavit said. Barry said any photos of her would have been taken without her knowledge or consent.

She enjoyed approval ratings topping 70% before the scandal and 61% weeks after she announced the affair.

Forrest earned $173,843.13 in overtime from July 2015 through January 15 of this year, according to city data, more than the amount earned by the four other police officers in Barry's detail combined.

Summary: The mayor of Nashville, Tennessee resigned on Tuesday due to her misconduct as a result of her affair.

The revelation of the affair derailed the first term of a mayor who was seen a rising star among Democrats.

She also tweeted out a similar sentiment, which links to another statement, also echoing the same feelings.

Vice Mayor David Briley will be sworn in as Barry's replacement.

At the time, Barry apologized, denied breaking the law, rebuffed calls for her resignation and said her husband, Bruce, remained committed to their marriage.

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