Published: Thu, March 08, 2018
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'Creepy' and 'Evil': Amazon's Alexa Is Laughing at Users

'Creepy' and 'Evil': Amazon's Alexa Is Laughing at Users

In the past few days, some users of Echo home speakers running Amazon's Alexa voice-based digital assistant have reported hearing unusual laughing noises at random.

The Echo is alleged to be a time-saving device, with users able to give Alexa commands such as telling it to give them the current weather, play a song, or deliver the news.

"We're aware of this and working to fix it", Amazon told Business Insider in a statement.

The gradual rollout to 66 countries starts today, and Deezer will also be available on Amazon Echo as well as other devices that support Alexa such as Sonos One, Ultimate Ears BLAST and MEGABLAST. "Tonight, while sleeping, i closed my eyes and said "Alexa, lamp off.' I heard a woman laugh, and lights were still on".

Alexa's laugh isn't the only thing that's freaking out users.

Are you experiencing this creepy Alexa laugh on any of your Alexa enabled devices? But it's unlikely that Alexa has become sentient and is intentionally frightening users with the laughs. "It sounded like a real person".

Short of little Carol Anne speaking from inside the TV in the 1982 classic "Poltergeist", it's tough to imagine something we'd rather hear less than Alexa just chuckling out of nowhere on the kitchen counter. "She has about 3 or 4 laughs and happened to use the creepiest one".

Other users have since come forward with their own instances of random Alexa laughter. "I still get chills". If this had happened to me when I was home alone, I would have pissed my trousers.

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