Published: Thu, March 08, 2018

Even God is begging Oprah to run for president in 2020

Even God is begging Oprah to run for president in 2020

On the Late Show last night, Colbert gave Oprah what she said she needed in order to run for president in 2020: a sign from God.

Winfrey has consistently rejected the idea of running for president in recent months.

"I wanted to bridge the divide in this country and get people talking to each other", said Winfrey.

"Oprah, Stephen - what's up?" an animated figure of "God" asked.

"I'm a huge fan", "God" said to Winfrey, who replied, "That's great to hear, I'm a big fan of yours too, God". "I can't wait to tell Jesus", God said. "Oprah", she told him.

"Oh yeah. I hear thou seekest a sign?" Winfrey proceeded to laugh so hard she had something of a coughing fit, and when the message still didn't seem clear enough, God revealed some Oprah 2020 merchandise.

Oprah made clear to Colbert that she had received "not one" sign from the Lord on the matter.

"Well, all I can say, God, is that now "run" is now a part of my exercise routine".

Colbert showed Winfrey a tweet by President Donald Trump calling her "biased".

"You asked for it - there it is Oprah".

"Nothing makes me happier than to see other people in their purest moments of joy. It's not the kind of job that you can have without fully devoting yourself to it 100%".

The interview was then interrupted by a projected hologram of "God" wearing robes and long white hair on the ceiling of the studio, who greeted the audience with a "What's up?"

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