Published: Fri, March 09, 2018
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Women's Day: Activism, Advocacy Of Women Bearing Fruit

Women's Day: Activism, Advocacy Of Women Bearing Fruit

"They are insisting on lasting change", Guterres told an event at UN Headquarters to mark International Women's Day.

This year Zimbabwean women from the rural areas were awarded the rare opportunity to join the rest of world in commemorating the International Women's day.

Guterres, however, regretted that over the next decade millions more girls would undergo genital mutilation and women's representation in parliaments stood at less than one quarter - and even lower in boardrooms. "Also to network and mobilise for meaningful broad based women empowerment", she said.

"Power is at the heart of the matter".

Guterres noted that we still lived in a male dominated world with male dominated culture but warned that until power is fairly shared, the world will remain out of balance.

"These companies are driving positive change in their workplaces and literally shining a spotlight on the need for all of us to do more because they recognize that progress for women is progress for everyone", Deborah Gillis, president and CEO of Catalyst, said in a statement.

The UN said the activism and advocacy of women from generations were now bearing fruits, adding "time is now" to transform global push for women's rights into action.

"Gender equality is the unfinished business of our time".

International Women's Day has been around for 106 years, but this year might be it's strongest ever in promoting-with the goal of attaining-female equality, in part because of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements that started here in the US.

For the first time ever, gender parity has become reality in the senior United Nations management team - the top level of this organization, he said, adding that the world body is very close to reach gender equality among leaders of United Nations country teams around the world.

This year it was celebrated against the backdrop of loud and impactful conversations on how to bridge the gender gap on income and ending sexual harassment.

"I am improving reporting and accountability and trying to establish confidence, empower people who experience or witness harassment to come forward and seek justice".

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