Published: Sat, March 10, 2018

OJ Simpson Confesses to Murdering Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman

OJ Simpson Confesses to Murdering Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman

Fox announced last week that they would finally air the special over 10 years after it was originally scheduled to premiere, under the name "If I Did It".

OJ. was acquitted of murdering his wife in 1994 and ended up serving a few years in prison in 2009 after he was found guilty of stealing back his own auctioned off possessions.

"It's not easy to discuss", he says when asked to talk about that night.

Panelists include Regan, now 64; Eve Shakti Chen, a longtime family friend of the late Nicole Brown Simpson; Rita Smith, a senior advisor to the National Football League on domestic abuse; and Jim Clemente, a retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent and Profiler and former New York City prosecutor, says Decider.

In another preview for the special, Simpson continues, "I do remember I grabbed the knife".

He adds, "Where are the bloody clothes?"

Further talking about the blood, Simpson says, "We've all seen the grisly pictures after". "I thought it was some kind of a scam and didn't believe him".

Simpson also opens up about Brown Simpson's wake and leaning over and kissing her. "He's going to beat the shit out of me", she told the dispatcher at another point. Simpson's "lost" tapes have lost material. But Regan says the interview was pitched as a real confession. Corporate sibling Fox Broadcasting shelved the special after several affiliates told the network they would refuse to air it. That was the way portrayed to me.

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