Published: Sat, March 10, 2018
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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Details Smaller Maps, Emotes for 2018

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Details Smaller Maps, Emotes for 2018

A longer 2-3 week cycle between patches is being touted, ensuring that PUBG Corp can consistently release "well tested improvements", optimisations, new content additions and more.

The developers plan to open an "Experimental Test Server" which would serve as a test bed for all the new features ahead of integrating them into the game itself, letting players give the company feedback on each new system or change. While the game's scale previously offered plenty of options for dropping into a map or finding loot, the size started to become a problem once Miramar was added in December.

One of these big pieces of content is a new island map, which players will be able to try on PUBG's new Experimental Test Server next month. A new eight-kilometer by eight-kilometer map has also been confirmed, though further details weren't provided. New vehicles and weapons are in-development, including the FN FAL.

PUBG also teasing new game modes for later in 2018, but doesn't go into detail about what those modes may entail. The team is trying to create a high player density situation that might lead to some shorter matches. Animations for both third- and first-person modes will see some changes, which include animations for getting into and out of cars (currently, players just blip in and out of them) and switching seats.

PUBG Corp. published their latest update to PUBG yesterday evening. Achievements, an in-game friends list, and in-game squad voice chat are also on the roadmap. Therefore, the game studio plans to rework the shooter's replay system and possibly add a live spectator tool, which is intended for the commentators during a match. No forward-facing changes appear to be planned, like a reworked leaderboard system or publically-shared MMR, but maintaining a competitive environment is clearly still in PUBG Corps.' periphery.

That's only for its release on the Test Server though, with it looking like the map's rollout will be similar to that of Miramar when it was first announced, with a month or so of testing before it hits live servers. Certain topics commonly discussed by the community may have been absent from the roadmap, like balance and crates, but those were likely beyond the scope of the roadmap. It's a good day for PUBG players.

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