Published: Sun, March 11, 2018

Nightclub slammed after horse taken onto dancefloor

Nightclub slammed after horse taken onto dancefloor

A Miami Beach nightclub is under investigation over possible issues around animal cruelty, public health and public safety after video surfaced online of a white horse being ridden inside the venue earlier this week.

The clip shows the woman in what appears to be a thong and a bra entering the club on the white horse.

In the video, a woman wearing a dark-colored bikini is riding the horse through the crowd, but the horse becomes spooked and suddenly bucks, causing the woman to fall to the ground.

While the city is keeping tightlipped about where the horse is now and who owns it, they have launched a full scale investigation and don't seem to be taking this matter lightly.

Miami Beach Police reported they located the horse and a href="" tweeted /a>;, "The horse has been inspected and deemed healthy and safe". Luckily nobody, including the horse was harmed in the incident but it still caught the attention of the Miami Police.

"We are very concerned over the allegations", police spokesman Officer Ernesto Rodriguez said. Mokai Lounge's business license was revoked Friday afternoon due to a threat in safety and a violation of the city's animal cruelty laws.

"The horse is not hurt". "I am cooperating with the authorities". Shame on you. Your event manager should find some other sort of entertainment and lay off the animal cruelty.

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber said he was stunned by the incident and supports the actions of Morales and his staff.

This story originally appeared on CBS Miami's website.

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